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United Nations Human Rights Council

Agenda: Taboos and other social practices with emphasis on rights regarding LGBT and prostitution

Committee write up:

John F. Kennedy once said that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened the rights of man are being threatened at this very moment; threatened by war, dispute, politics, greed, lack of legislation, and an everlasting social outlook. The very backbone of human civilization and way of life started with society, and continues with rules and guidelines that have emerged through social perception. Morals, ethics, the deciphering of what is right and what is wrong, have all been deemed throughout the years and set in stone by different cultural groups, ethnic civilizations, and hierarchical societies. Amidst of all of this, with a world population of more than 7 billion people, there are bound to be different traditions, thoughts, lifestyles, opinions, and practices by different people around the globe. The problem arises, when the rights of human beings is being threatened because of these different customs and lifestyles. The question is, whether it is the groups that are being threatened by differing external forces, or if these groups are the ones threatening the society around them. Various Taboos with tough prohibitions relating to human activity/customs that are sacred or forbidden based on respective moral judgment/religious beliefs have caused strong social condemnation and even inhumane death penalties/punishments continue to exist all around the world in different nations; customs such as the Sharia law, honor killings, and child marriages continue to take place to maintain the dignity and honor of a society.

People have always bought and sold sex, sometimes risking the shame and punishment. Some states have been open to the concept, and others have been imposing strict legislation with penalties to show their firms stand against it. When it comes to prostitution, a fine line exists between moral conduct, safety, and freedom. People have been facing violence and inequality-and sometimes even torture and execution, because of whom they love, how they look, or who they are. Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of a human being. LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) groups have been discriminated against for centuries and have been demanding freedom from the tough shackles of legislation and social loathe to a world with equal rights. It is up to the Human Rights Council to take it up upon them to decide whether or not the implications of these practices are justified, and how to go about these customs and come up with the best solution and method of implementation to safeguard the best interests of the respective groups while at the same time, protecting their basic rights as individuals.

Executive Board:

  • Sarala Sameera Morusupalli
    Sarala Sameera MorusupalliChair : HRC

    Chair: Sarala Sameera Morusupalli

    Sarala Sameera Morusupalli will be serving as your chairperson for the HRC at ACEMUN2014. She is an avidly enthusiastic MUN’er, with an experience of over 15 MUNS as both a delegate, and an EB member. She started her MUN journey in grade 10, and never looked back since then.

    She is currently in grade 12 studying commerce at Indus World School, and aspires to become a lawyer and hopefully make a change to the world someday. She lives in Hyderabad, and is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has learned so much throughout her MUN journey and has had some wonderful experiences, and hopes to bring about the same to her delegates. She had always been interested in world politics, foreign policies, and economies.Her love for debate, and Model United Nations (MUNs) have fuelled this passion even more and have helped her become the broadminded person that she is today. She believes that the world holds so much scope, and has so much to offer, especially in terms of safe guarding the rights of human beings to achieve the peak of global development. Apart from MUNS, she loves reading horror novels,listening to music, travelling, and having discussions/debates with new people. She is delighted to be chairing the Human Rights Council, and can not wait to meet all of you at ACEMUN 2014.

    • Mounika Yepuri
      Mounika YepuriVice Chair : HRC

      Vice Chair: Mounika Yepuri

      Currently a junior pursuing her IBDP, Mounika Yepuri has been a MUN lover since her eight grade.   She has the opportunity of being both a delegate and executive board member for many MUN’s.  Her Higher Levels are Math, Physics and Economics, with economics being her interest.  Apart from school and MUN you can find her either reading a good murder mystery in the comfort of her bed or watching White Collar and Castle! She is excited and honored to serve as the Vice Chair for Human Rights Council for ACEMUN 2014!

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